E-Signature Dentures

E-Signature Dentures:

One of the most difficult results to achieve in clinical dentistry is suction and stability to a full lower denture. How is effective suction achieved in a lower denture? the answer is: by mean of a continuous, completely sealed denture border.

This revolutionary suction denture concept has been developed by Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan. His technique enhances the suction of full dentures and allows an amazing fit even in patients with advanced bone loss in the lower jaw. The most ideal way to achieve suction of the lower denture is to combine this technique with the BPS denture system which Tanya has been practicing since 2003. It takes twice the amount of time needed clinically and technically than a traditional denture design to create these dentures. Tanya little has travelled to Japan to train and study with Dr. Jiro Abe himself. She has completed this certification and has become the 8th person in the province to provide such a unique treatment option.

Benefits of our E-Signature Suction Denture:

  • 80% of patients who are missing all their lower teeth are candidates
  • Increased stability during chewing - FUNCTION
  • Food is eliminated from sneaking under the denture base
  • Reduced sore spots due to suction fit - COMFORT
  • Smaller in size and more natural feeling
  • Personalized characteristics created on dentures - AESTHETICS
  • Solution for when implants are not an option

What does BPS stand for? Bio-functional Prosthetic System

The BPS denture concept is not new to Tanya Little. She has been treating patients with BPS dentures since 2003 with amazing results. These precision dentures are the result of a coordinated system of materials, instrumentation, techniques and training only available to certified BPS clinicians. With gender specific shaped teeth, cosmetic shading, customized arrangements and gingival toning, these dentures install confidence and provide optimal function while eating, speaking or laughing. The precision to which they are made reduces the amount of adjustments needed when sore spots arise. With sophisticated facial measurements this information is recorded to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contours of your lips and facial muscles. State of the art equipment is used to form the denture base and contribute to exceptional fit and function. (Only BPS and E-Signature dentures are processed with IVOCAP system).

We are proud to offer the following warranty on our dentures:


BPS: 3 year warranty against normal repairs

E-Signature: 5 year warranty against normal repairs