New to Dentures?

Are You New to Dentures?

Whether you're deciding to get your first denture, or replacing your old denture - you need to be comfortable with this. Its a big deal. It can be a financial or aesthetic decision, and can affect you emotionally and psychologically.  Make the right choice and call us for your free, no-hassle, 30 minute consultation to make sure you have all the right information.

Denture design has changed over the years and now there are dozens of different types of dentures available to choose from. Cosmetic shading, gender specific shapes and sizes, and measurements of your face are all considered with your new smile. Dentures are not made like they were 'before'.

See why our denture design process is unique, and envision your new smile.

Option 1: Have your teeth extracted and let you gums heal without wearing a denture.

This option means waiting several months without teeth in your mouth and then having new dentures designed.

Option 2: Have your teeth extracted and have your first dentures placed immediately after. 

1. Free consultation

The first step is a free consultation to make sure you are comfortable with the process. This is a big deal - physically, financially and psychologically. It can be very difficult to think of having the last of your teeth removed. We will help you every step of the way. Remember, dentures now are made to look and feel very natural and lifelike. 

2. Measure up

Next we will take measurements of your face, and take impressions of your existing teeth and gums prior to the extraction surgery. These impressions are used as working models for the construction of your new smile.

3. Creating your new dentures

From your models, we will be able to copy and construct a denture, duplicating your original teeth with improvements to your appearance, if you so wish. Together, we will choose the shape, size and colour of your new teeth. The design process will happen in the lab, with some of your input, and your dentures will be pre-made for you. Remember, we can't try on your new smile yet because you still have your own teeth!

4. Out with the old, in with the new

Once your teeth are extracted, your doctor will insert the immediate denture. This treatment process will act as a big band-aid for you while you are healing. This will be a tender time for your mouth, depending on how  many teeth you need extracted. Your mouth will continue to heal for 6-12 months. As healing occurs, the oral tissues recede so denture adjustments will be required. 

5. Continued support

Follow-up appointments with your Denturist are necessary. To maintain the best fit and comfort, a temporary liner or tissue conditioner may be placed in the denture. During the next months, bone and gum tissue will continue to shrink, however, the rate of change decreases with time. This a natural occurrence, which is to be expected.

6. A final fit worth smiling about

When the healing process is complete, either a new final denture will be made or your immediate denture will be relined or rebased to ensure the most comfortable fit possible. If you are having a final denture made, your first denture will become your spare denture.  

Watch the video below to hear Tanya Little debunk old denture myths, talk about your different denture options, and speak on calming dental fears, helping you find confidence in making an informed choice, and getting you fitted for a beautiful new smile!

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